OMs every hour on the hour


2:00pm Doors Open

3:00pm Learn to OM Class

5:00pm Dinner

6:00pm OM and OM Q&A

7:30pm Barrie Cole performs Alphagasm

8:00pm An Evening with Nicole Daedone & Demonstration of Orgasmic Meditation

9:30pm RonKat Spearman

10:30pm Doors close


8:00am Yoga

9:00am Learn to OM Class

9:30am OM and OM Q&A

11:00am Keynote: Steven Kotler

12:00pm Dr Sara Gottfried

1:00pm Reese Jones

2:00pm Jenny Wade

3:00pm Marc David & Emily Rosen

4:00pm Brian Mulvaney (Crossfit)

5:00pm Dr Reef Karim

6:00pm Dinner

7:00pm Jaiya

8:00pm Keynote Neil Strauss

9:30pm Art of Intimacy Party

10:00pm Cleo Dubois


8:00am Yoga

9:15am Two OMs

10:30am Naomi Wolf

11:30am Gabrielle Anwar & Catherine Oxenberg

12:30pm Ulysses Slaughter

1:15pm Lunch

2:00pm Key Speakers Panel

3:00pm Stories of OM with Joanna Van Vleck

4:00pm Closing Ceremonies